Smart Work Zones are on the cutting edge of road construction crew safety. Employing state-of-the-art technology, smart work zones ensure your crew’s safety by taking in to account a variety of factors from traffic density to the abundance of large vehicles to display appropriate messaging to approaching drivers.

Northeast Traffic Control can prepare and install Smart Work Zones for your crew using technology such as JamLogic to ensure your road construction project runs smoothly and without incident.

Smart Work Zones use technology such as traffic sensor trailers and trolleys, camera trailers and information from weather stations and networked data to dynamically change message signs, portable traffic lights and alert you by email, SMS or other means to difficulties on the road. Real time and historical data can be accessed via your laptop, phone or other wireless devices.

Actively managed work zone goals include increasing worker and motorist safety, capacity and throughput, trip reliability, relay accurate information to drivers and create uniform behavior, public respect and awareness in motorists while decreasing primary and secondary crashes, fuel, time and emissions, delay time, headway, road rage and speed differentials.

ITS / Smart Work Zone Team

Director of Technology: Jeffrey Vickery